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Be Crystal Clear

Confusing messages. What do you really want to say? Know it and then be sure your messages are consistent so you avoid sending mixed signals. Here are two examples  that didn’t quite work.

Automated phone call: “In order to provide you with more personal service I will be reducing my practice and working with a medical group. If you wish to be part of this, you can go to their website and become a member for an annual fee. Membership is accepted on a first come first serve basis.”

What’s personal about an automated message telling you to go to a website and “buy” a membership to see your doctor?

Email: “At the request of (financial planner), I would like to schedule your next review meeting. Please call me to schedule the meeting at your earliest convenience.”

Is this person’s time really so valuable that the client has to call her?

Even with the best intentions sending mixed messages can tarnish a brand, hurt a business and drive clients and prospects away.  Always check and double check to be sure your messages are clear, concise and most of all, correct.

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