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Case Study – QAD



While focusing on manufacturing corporations, QAD identified six vertical markets to “own:” food and beverage, consumer goods, medical, automotive, industrial, and electronics.  To do so, the company needed a clear differentiator that could be capitalized on through dynamic public relations and direct marketing campaigns.


Our research revealed that traditional vendors had limited direct experience in the vertical markets.  Conversely, QAD’s market managers specialized in a particular vertical market.  This expertise was a clear differentiator, as customers interpreted it as a deep knowledge of their specific system needs.  Our team rebranded the market managers as Vertical Market Advocates (VMAs) who worked on behalf of customers.  We leveraged their expertise with media and in 1-1 marketing programs that allowed them to present and publish papers, drive meeting agendas, and conduct training on a regional and national level.  Concurrently, we identified geographic “hot spots,” concentrations of potential manufacturing customers by vertical market, and targeted the business and technology media in those regions.


The VMA program successfully established QAD as an expert in each of its target vertical markets, as well as increasing trust and sales opportunities among existing and new customers.

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