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Case Study – HP Advanced Technology Lab



Hewlett Packard’s Advanced Technology Lab had successfully introduced its first high performance V-Class Technical Server to the market, but technical glitches delayed shipments for over a year.  To restore the image of the new lab as a center of excellence, HP needed to leverage the first product to ship as a media opportunity.


To communicate the power of the server and persuade the market to forgive the product’s 12-month delay, our team created an event that had the power to essentially shut down the Supercomputing trade show.  After building anticipation for days by placing a large, covered box in the middle of the trade show floor, members of the San Francisco 49ers hoisted the still-covered server on a litter, paraded around the show and walked to the Tech Museum of Innovation for a media/VIP reception.  An aggressive and ongoing media relations program was implemented to leverage the trade show kick-off.


Virtually every attendee at the Supercomputing show followed the 49ers like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, leaving competitors stunned at their empty booths.  The HP Advanced Technology Lab was fully accepted by customers and sales of the V-Class Series soared.

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