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Case Study – Dignity Memorial



Few people like to talk about their own mortality, so they put off pre-arranging their funerals.  This fact posed a problem for Dignity Memorial funeral homes and cemeteries, which were focused on building their pre-planning business.


Corridor Communications created a series of experiential opportunities for local media, who in turn became voices that advocated pre-planning with Dignity Memorial to consumers.  Our team developed family-focused celebrations that attracted thousands, like bringing in 16 tons of snow to create a Winter Wonderland in the middle of Los Angeles.  A series of continuing programs encouraged community members to simply drop by and participate, whether donating to charity drives or taking advantage of a mapped out walking path.  Combined with integrated media relations and influencer marketing campaigns, these strategies built goodwill and made people feel more at ease.


Not only did attendance at events grow an average of 25%, but locations reported a marked increase in pre-planning inquires and sales.


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