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Case Study – Motorola M•CORE Architecture Launch



Motorola was introducing a new semiconductor architecture, the first seen in the industry in over a decade.  Yet, in a market crowded with devices, industry pundits were asking, “Who in the world needs another chip?”  To succeed, not only did Motorola need to address this question, but it needed a launch that would create a buzz and build global preference for its M*CORE architecture, ensuring it became a “household name” in the design engineering community.


Our firm broke new ground by applying consumer marketing techniques to a B2B technology launch, and enlisted Mighty Mouse as the iconic “spokesmouse” to represent immense power in a small package.  The aggressive marketing campaign included staggered announcements, direct marketing, media sneak peeks, a plethora of branded items that were lavishly distributed at multiple events, and technology face-offs. Not only did we secure printed interviews with Mighty Mouse, but the anticipation was so high that media were stalking company spokespeople to “get the scoop.”


The launch resulted in an industry-record of $1.8 billion in design wins in the first six months of M*CORE’s introduction.

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