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Separating the Marketing Fat from the Muscle Saves Money and Drives Business

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Arbitrarily cutting marketing simply because a market is down may inadvertently contribute to declining sales.  Businesses must first identify the muscle – what marketing programs are effective – and understand their customers.  With some simple questions and a bit of sleuthing, businesses can make wise decisions that reduce expenses while aggressively investing in programs that attract customers, differentiate the business, and add to the bottom line.

  • Identify the Muscle:  Before changing your marketing programs to make them more effective, it’s critical to find out what drives customers to your business.  Once identified, you can enhance those aspects of a marketing program, and eliminate efforts that don’t generate sales.
  • Increase Effectiveness: Effective marketing uses the right vehicles to deliver the right messages to the right audience – every time.
  • Seek Professional Guidance:  Marketing requires a unique and specialized knowledge and experience.  Adopting a “DIY” approach to marketing usually results in lost money, time, and revenue – all of which costs much more than working marketing professional.
  • Messages:  Perhaps the most important part – and often overlooked – is the message businesses send to customers and prospective clientele.  Understanding customers’ wants, needs, and desires, and demonstrating how your business meets in a meaningful way is crucial.
  • Audiences: Knowing where your prospective customers live, work and play, is equally important.  Once identified, business can implement targeted marketing programs that save money and maximize the return on investment.

Navigating tough economic times is hard enough without inadvertently cutting marketing muscle.  At Corridor Communications, we’ve developed a four-step process, Create-Implement-Monitor-Adjust, which ensures every program uses the right mix of tools to reach customers effectively and consistently regardless of a changing economy, business, or customers.

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