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We love getting feedback like this note we received from one of the editors we’ve worked with at COTS Journal for years.

“Thank you for being so persistent and diligent.  There are sometimes unfortunately companies that get left out of things but never the companies that have diligent PR folks like you! :)”

But more important than the compliment, this note clearly points out why using a strategic, experienced PR firm, with a team that is focused solely on driving awareness and preference for your business is essential.  The challenge with relying on internal teams alone – even though they may excel at their jobs – is that they are often pulled onto a wide range of projects leaving little dedicated time for personal and proactive outreach to media, bloggers, and social communications.  The best approach is a fluid, collaborative program that essentially provides arms and legs, strategic thinking and implementation, where and when it’s needed.

We call this Catch PR™.

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