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Archive for July 2014

Marketers Positioning Themselves


While this is certainly funny, there is an underlying truth here. Just as marketing professionals work to position your business positively (and truthfully) in a way that makes it stand above the competition, marketers are doing the same thing for their own business. Whenever you hear these words come from […]

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“That’s ROI Baby!”


When UK-based LINKFRESH was looking for a U.S. firm to re-brand the company and develop the strategy for a massive PR launch to the US, our design partners turned to Corridor for our expertise. With the new brand in place and a PR strategy ready to go, LINKFRESH retained Corridor […]

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Communications Chaos!!!!!!


It’s chaotic.  There is no other way to describe public relations and business communications today.  Not only do new options pop up daily, like Hashtag Shopping and, two of the latest options (wait 24 hours and this may change), but how each of these options works, changes daily. Social […]

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Here! Catch!


Have you ever been feeling just a little (or completely) overwhelmed at work when your boss walks in and hands you a new marketing project?  Who hasn’t!!!!! That’s the time when you look around, trying to catch someone’s eye so you can scream, “Here! Catch!” and pass the project on […]

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