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Communications Chaos!!!!!!


It’s chaotic.  There is no other way to describe public relations and business communications today.  Not only do new options pop up daily, like Hashtag Shopping and, two of the latest options (wait 24 hours and this may change), but how each of these options works, changes daily.

Social media is exploding with new avenues for advertising and reaching your audiences.  It’s changing so fast that it’s almost impossible to know what to do.  It’s not surprising that, many businesses are going back to bandwagon marketing.  They jump from fad to fad, platform to platform, trend to trend, without understanding why, and end up getting nowhere.  Worse yet, they pick the youngest, least expensive “expert” and outsource the decision, again, with less than stellar results.

So, what’s a professional with limited hours in the day and an enormous “to do” list, do?  The answer lies in an integrated marketing campaign, often based on strategic insight and counsel from experienced, up-to-date professionals, who know how to effectively make order out of chaos.

At Corridor, it’s our job to know what’s new, what’s dying, what works and why.  Our professionals collaborate with clients to distinctly understand their goals and challenges, and then work to develop precise strategies that will reach the right people with the right message at the right time.  It’s kind of like building a bridge.  We create a solid foundation and build on that with different pieces and tools, that support each other while creating a massive structure, or in communications terms, awareness and action.  And, like any structure, it requires maintenance and at times, changes and additions.

So, if you’re tired of treading water and trying to understand the chaos of today’s communications business, give us a call.

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