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Quantity vs. Quality (Links, Likes, Leads)


One of the most fulfilling parts of our work is when a potential new client reaches that “Ah-ha” moment and realizes that quantity doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, it pains us each and every time when a prospect comes to us having learned this the hard way. These are all actual tales of woe from companies seeking better results.

  • “Our old agency gave us a clip book three inches thick – but we never got a single lead.”
  • “We have tens of thousands of likes on Facebook…but it’s been a waste in terms of ROI.”
  • “Our website traffic is through the roof and our sales are dropping.”

It’s true with every single public relations and marketing tool that exists today or that will exist in the future. Quantity doesn’t matter. These are examples of feedback from a few of our clients.

  • “I got a call today from a prospect I’ve been trying to break into for months. He said he saw the article we did and wants to meet. That’s ROI baby.”
  • “Unbelievable. All the effort and money we spent did nothing. You put our name on the bus stops surrounding the one client who we couldn’t reach and it opened the door to a contract.”
  • “Our phone system could barely keep up with the calls…we never expected this.”
  • “We had more donations this year than ever before, yet our attendance numbers were about the same.”
  • “Thank you for answering my post about where to find (product). I went out and bought as many as I could find. I love them.” (from a client’s customer)

So if quantity doesn’t matter, what does? Quality. And, quality starts with a clear, well-informed strategy followed by what we call The Four R’s:

  1. Right messages
  2. Right audiences
  3. Right time
  4. Right tools

First, it’s essential to have a clear and realistic understanding of three things.

  1. The prospects’ needs, wants, and desires.
  2. How the unique value of a company’s products or services meets these.
  3. The business objectives.

Equipped with this information and using it to create a strategy around The Four R’s will always deliver the quality – not quantity – needed to drive results that support marketing and business goals.

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