At Corridor Communications, we’re passionate about bringing our experience, curiosity, creativity and critical thinking to bear on every program.

Our Approach

We approach our work with a complete and utter commitment to your company, your promise and the experience you deliver. That’s why organizations as discerning and diverse as food and beverage retailers, member-based associations, consumer electronics companies, high-tech companies, entertainment powerhouses, and nonprofits have come to us for public relations and marketing communications programs that serve as the linchpin for their ongoing outreach to their target audiences.

Why Corridor?

Our clients tell us that it’s because we’re not like other firms.

  • We GET IT – we bring a deep knowledge of your business and expertise in public relations and marketing communications.
  • We DELIVER – by creating impact at the decision-point to sway the outcome in your company’s favor.  Working collaboratively with you, we tailor programs that deliver the right message, to the right audience using the right tools at the right time.
  • We INNOVATE – by constantly seeking creative, original ways to help your business.
  • We’re PASSIONATE about our profession – your success is our success. We are 100% committed to delivering the results that help you achieve your business goals. Period

We call this creating impact that drives success. Our clients call it excellence.

Our Team

Innovators, Risk-takers. Change Brokers. Creators. Doers.
Trends come and go. The one constant is people. And, we bring the right people to every team and every assignment. Along with our core team, we work with expert consultants who bring additional insights and expertise to our firm. Together we are content creators, social experts, designers, web developers, event planners, creatives, and specialists. Our backgrounds, perspectives and even locations may vary, but we share one thing: a thirst for knowledge that drives our passion for learning, and delivering only the best, for our clients and ourselves.

Bonnie Quintanilla

CEO & Founder
Combining a passion for strategy and execution, Bonnie Quintanilla crafts business and marketing strategies that align with and advance clients’ goals. She is adept at creating innovative strategies that make a difference. She is an accomplished writer who can take virtually any topic or technology and craft meaningful content for social media, online and print media, and books.

Jenny Lynn Robinson

Digital Marketing Consultant
Ms. Robinson is a passionate and dedicated professional with more than four years of experience developing content for and teaching marketing to non-profits and small to mid-sized businesses. She works with clients to increase their reach through online audiences across platforms and to showcase their mission through content that matters.

Anne Fisher

Technical Writer
Anne is an accomplished technical writer having worked for leading trade media outlets including Extension Media, EE Catalog, Open Systems Media, and for leading technology companies. She works with subject matter experts across a range of embedded technologies including: IoT; automotive, machine learning and AI; FPGAs & SoCs; Mil-Aero; PICMG technologies; medical; and industrial in developing articles for magazine digital and print publication.

Phyllis Grabot,

Media Relations Consultant
A results-oriented communicator, Ms. Grabot excels in forging relationships with key influencers and implementing focused media relations programs that drive clients’ successes. She is an exceptional event manager, planning and implementing corporate user groups and multi-day community events as well as meetings and small affairs.