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Reviving the Lost Art of Relations – the Heart of Public Relations

Two female friends meeting for a coffee

Nearly every time we interview a job candidate the first thing we hear is, “I’m a good writer and know social media.” While important, this claim misses the most important skill required for every exceptional public relations professional: the ability to build, nurture, and keep relationships. Public Relations is really […]

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Thousand Oaks Transit Hires Group A2Z for Rebranding Program Designed to Inform and Increase Ridership Throughout The Conejo Valley


Streamlined, easier to read materials and innovative designs that enhance the riding experience and attract a broader group of riders will be introduced beginning this summer. Thousand Oaks Transit (TOT) announced it has hired Group A2Z, a Thousand Oaks marketing, design and communications firm, to refresh its brand, renew its […]

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Hitting the Trust Triad with Customers


This article originally was written by one of our clients, Richard F. Libin, for a trade publication. We found it to be equally true for Marketing and PR and asked his permission to share it. We think you’ll find it valuable. Trust is defined by your attitude and the way […]

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Happy Fourth of July!


Wishing everyone the best Fourth of July ever. We’re taking a break from our blog today, but wanted to share this really interesting piece from HubSpot on nine brands that nailed Fourth of July marketing. In our opinion, Hubspot nailed it, too. Enjoy.    

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It’s Time for Your 6-Month Check-up!!

Is it working? Give your marketing plan a check-up to find out!!

Each Fall, businesses work on marketing goals and strategies for the upcoming year. As a result, they generally have innovative and powerful plans in place when the New Year arrives. But what happens when those plans don’t adapt to meet the demands of changing customers, media, markets, and technology? As […]

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Seeing is Communicating

Without a picture...your story falls flat.

We live in a visual culture where, with more than 2.5 billion camera phones in use, everyone has a camera in their pocket. Individuals communicate more with pictures than with words and engage with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media more than other types of media. According […]

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Marketing Insanity


We’ve all heard it. In fact, it’s said so often that it’s become trite – almost. So, here goes… “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Some idioms, however, no matter how often they are used are never trite because […]

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Brand Aid

brand aid

In an article at, Mike O’Toole explains why small businesses instinctively understand the importance of developing brand equity: “It is the quality that motivates your customers to recommend their friends or colleagues to you.” And he says you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to reap the […]

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3 Steps To Your Professional Brand!!

personal professional brand

What’s Your Professional Brand? This is perhaps the most important question every professional should ask—and answer—yet the one least often addressed. Everyone knows that people form an impression within the first few seconds of meeting. Yet, the majority of business professionals allow this impression to be created by happenstance rather […]

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Building Brand Ambassadors

brand ambassador

A strong, clear brand is the hallmark of a successful company and can be a lifeline in troubling economic times and a boon in plentiful economies. Yet despite conventional wisdom, strong brands aren’t built by the marketing department alone; every employee in every department has a role to play as […]

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