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Creative Risk-Taking


Quick, name three marketing campaigns you remember. Here are ours: Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS Apple 1984 Intel Inside What makes these campaigns memorable and effective? They challenge conventional thinking. We call this creative risk-taking. But does it work? In these cases, yes. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: more than […]

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Get Off the Bandwagon


What about your business keeps you up at night? Nine times out of ten, the answer to that question is, “How do I bring in more leads, get more customers, drive up revenue.” Marketing a business to secure quality leads has always been challenging, but with the plethora of tools […]

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CEO Interview


Recently, one of the nonprofits we work with interviewed our CEO, Bonnie Quintanilla, about our work in the nonprofit area. Here’s what she had to say… Can you give us your elevator pitch about the work your organization does? Corridor Communications, Inc. is the leading marketing communications firm located on […]

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Putting the Special in Special Events


We are in the midst of planning an annual event for a client that genuinely honors, supports and celebrates Veterans – and leads to sales. Like this one, events can be powerful marketing tools that touch your target audience in a very personal way, generate goodwill, and lead to sales. […]

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Quantity vs. Quality (Links, Likes, Leads)


One of the most fulfilling parts of our work is when a potential new client reaches that “Ah-ha” moment and realizes that quantity doesn’t really matter. On the other hand, it pains us each and every time when a prospect comes to us having learned this the hard way. These […]

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Our “Favorite” Assignments


We don’t really have a “favorite” assignment, but every so often we have the opportunity to support an amazing event or organizations, one that heals hearts and souls and truly makes a difference.  It’s these events that require the most work, the longest hours, and often bring the most stress.  […]

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Get Moving in Thousand Oaks!


On the heels of announcing a new marketing alliance, Group A2Z, Corridor Communications is proud to share that through this partnership we have been awarded two contracts from the City of Thousand Oaks – Thousand Oaks Transit. The programs span strategic marketing counsel and program implementation as well as specific […]

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There’s No App For What We Do™


Everywhere you turn today there’s an app for this and an app for that; we see them all! Yet with all the technology available, “There is no app for what we do.”™ – and there never will be! Corridor Communications is proud to announce that we are a founding partner […]

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GroundSwell Adds Corridor to its Network


We are delighted to announce that we have been selected by the GroundSwell Group fundraising events network, as a part of its premier Support Services Network. For many nonprofits, events are an essential tool for building awareness, attracting support and advocacy, and for raising funds.  According to GroundSwell, Corridor was […]

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Marketers Positioning Themselves


While this is certainly funny, there is an underlying truth here. Just as marketing professionals work to position your business positively (and truthfully) in a way that makes it stand above the competition, marketers are doing the same thing for their own business. Whenever you hear these words come from […]

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