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Separating the Marketing Fat from the Muscle Saves Money and Drives Business

budget cut

Arbitrarily cutting marketing simply because a market is down may inadvertently contribute to declining sales.  Businesses must first identify the muscle – what marketing programs are effective – and understand their customers.  With some simple questions and a bit of sleuthing, businesses can make wise decisions that reduce expenses while […]

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Marketing: No Field of Dreams


The movie Field of Dreams serves as a reminder that you’re dreaming if you believe people come to your business without marketing.

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Quality Counts!


Quality Counts! A single story in the right place can do more than hundreds of stories in irrelevant outlets.

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Who Really Matters!

Business Talks

Sending the right message to the wrong person never works!

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What Can We Learn From Budweiser’s Super Bowl Win?

Puppy Love

These days, it seems that there are just as many people who watch the Super Bowl for the ads as for the game.  Unfortunately, this year, both were overall disappointments.  Despite the lackluster performances, one company scored a “Marketing Trifecta.”  Budweiser dominated in  advertising, social media, and public relations. There […]

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Insightful Article on Forbes


This is an important article for any small business owner and echoes what our social media team has been promoting.  Any expert that claims social media will bring customers rushing to your door is not a social media expert. Social media is one tool of many that, with the right […]

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Facebook Marketing


30 Second Facebook Marketing Lesson: Don’t be fooled by the numbers. We recently evaluated a Facebook page for a small coffee shop in Palo Alto, Calif. that had more than 50,000 likes. Impressive? At first glance, yes; in reality, no. Of the 50,000 likes, the overwhelming majority were from people […]

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Rose Hills Centennial


Celebrating 100 years in 2014!  Rose Hills hired us to create and produce three versions of its Centennial Book in celebration of 100 years of service to the community.  This incredible project gave our team an opportunity to meet and work with people who have seen and experienced incredible change […]

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Be Crystal Clear

Confusing messages. What do you really want to say? Know it and then be sure your messages are consistent so you avoid sending mixed signals. Here are two examples  that didn’t quite work. Automated phone call: “In order to provide you with more personal service I will be reducing my […]

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Garden Of Valor at Pierce Brothers


We are so proud to have been part of this annual event and we were delighted to see so many in the community come out to show their support. “Residents joined the U.S. Army Honor Guard, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. and Patriot Guard Riders to honor Terry […]

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