For nearly 50 years APB has helped salespeople get back to basics and focus on the customer, not just on closing the sale. Our work elevated the voice of CEO Richard Libin and positioned him as a leading authority.


Every salesperson is looking for that magic bullet that will help close more deals faster, and with the advent of online courses, chat rooms and so-called gurus offering free advice, created a lot of noise in the sales education marketplace.  To expand on its 50 years of success, APB needed new strategies to rise above the fray.


Corridor Communications developed a strategy that captured the wisdom and practical advice of APB’s CEO Richard Libin, and shared it with salespeople not only in the automotive market, but across industries.  Working with Mr. Libin, our team completed a series of recurring guest columns and features for leading publications and social media sites. These provided the foundation for two books, which we ghost wrote with Mr. Libin, Who Stopped The Sale? and Who Knew?


This strategy allowed Mr. Libin to engage with his target audiences aggressively via direct contact and a consistent flow of incoming email discussions. His books are used as sales tools, and have led to renewed and new clientele for APB’s sales and management educational programs and proprietary processes across the country. The company had to expand its team in order to reduce the customers’ time-to-meetings, which at one point stretched to eight weeks because of increased demand.  In addition, Mr. Libin has been featured in sales publications serving markets beyond automotive, opening doors to new prospects. And, as VP Jennifer Libin took on more responsibility, we extended the strategy to her expertise and unique perspective. She has gained a reputation for her acumen and insights as an author with Digital Dealer, a speaker at automotive associations, and as a resource for CBS, Ask Patty, and more.

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