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3 Steps To Your Professional Brand!!

personal professional brand

What’s Your Professional Brand? This is perhaps the most important question every professional should ask—and answer—yet the one least often addressed. Everyone knows that people form an impression within the first few seconds of meeting. Yet, the majority of business professionals allow this impression to be created by happenstance rather […]

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Building Brand Ambassadors

brand ambassador

A strong, clear brand is the hallmark of a successful company and can be a lifeline in troubling economic times and a boon in plentiful economies. Yet despite conventional wisdom, strong brands aren’t built by the marketing department alone; every employee in every department has a role to play as […]

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Marketers Positioning Themselves


While this is certainly funny, there is an underlying truth here. Just as marketing professionals work to position your business positively (and truthfully) in a way that makes it stand above the competition, marketers are doing the same thing for their own business. Whenever you hear these words come from […]

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The Danger Zone!!!!!!!!!!!


All too often companies enter the Danger Zone when they opt to sever ties with their marketing firm to save money during challenging times. This goes beyond the well-known adage that the worst time to cut marketing is when business is down. For starters: Professionals may have to take on […]

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Brand Aid

brand aid

In an article at, Mike O’Toole explains why small businesses instinctively understand the importance of developing brand equity: “It is the quality that motivates your customers to recommend their friends or colleagues to you.” And he says you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to reap the […]

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Separating the Marketing Fat from the Muscle Saves Money and Drives Business

budget cut

Arbitrarily cutting marketing simply because a market is down may inadvertently contribute to declining sales.  Businesses must first identify the muscle – what marketing programs are effective – and understand their customers.  With some simple questions and a bit of sleuthing, businesses can make wise decisions that reduce expenses while […]

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Who Really Matters!

Business Talks

Sending the right message to the wrong person never works!

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