ETA Compute

Launching A Low-Power Standard For A Safer, More Convenient, & Healthier World


Eta Compute, a fledgling company in stealth mode wanted to create buzz about its technology and the power of applying AI and machine learning to tiny form factors, to make life better.  And, they wanted to do so without launching a product or service initially.  They turned to Corridor Communications because, after all, we’d done it with them before when they had just started Inphi Corporation.


Eta Compute has an extraordinary braintrust and more PhD team members than most any other company in their industry. We recommended leveraging this knowledge to build a presence as experts among trade media, industry analyst firms, and their target customers via speaking engagements and meetings at these events. At the same time, we developed a “best place to work” strategy as the company expected to add both personnel and offices. We started by creating clear messaging, building the website (without giving anything away), and creating expert source dossiers for the team.  As the company progressed, we added more proactive work including press announcements and ultimately the launch of their first ASIC.


The strategy was and continues to be a success. Not only has Eta Compute become a company to watch, but it attracted world-class engineering talent and executives to the team. The company’s experts are sought-after speakers and present at between eight and 10 conferences annually, and are quoted regularly in trade media. Analysts and editors proactively seek their opinions on market trends and as a source for reports and articles.  Today, the company is positioned to assume leadership in their market, with well-informed partners, customers, and influencers who often act as advocates for their solutions.

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