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Case Studies


Dignity Memorial

How do you get people to talk about the one thing everyone faces but no one wants to think about?  Our work with 15 Dignity Memorial funeral homes and cemeteries across the United States helped make death care an approachable subject and drew hundreds in to visit, tour and plan.

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Who Stopped The Sale?

For nearly 50 years APB has helped salespeople get back to basics and focus on the customer, not just on closing the sale.  Our work elevated the voice of CEO Richard Libin and positioned him as one of the foremost authorities.

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HP Advanced Technology Lab

HP wanted to make a splash about its new high performance server, even though it was 12 months late to market.  Our team created a VIP event that literally emptied a trade show hall and secured headlines throughout the industry.

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Motorola MCORE Architecture Launch

Who better to tell the story of a small, powerful chip that would revolutionize an overcrowded semiconductor market than Mighty Mouse?  Our work helped answer the question, “Who in the world needs another chip?” and save the day for Motorola.

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Rose Hills Vietnam Wall & Veterans’ Resource Fair

Bringing a traveling Vietnam Wall to a community is one thing.  But to create an event that spans 10 days, marshals hundreds of volunteers, educates scores of students, honors thousands of Veterans and hosts more than 100,000, is another.  That’s why Rose Hills relied on us.

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Inphi Corporation Launch

We helped Inphi hit gold with a feature in the Wall Street Journal’s “Under The Radar” section when still a fledgling company working with a relatively unknown compound…and that was just the beginning.

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NMB Technologies

Pigeonholed as a commodity provider, NMB’s brand needed to be re-invented as it moved toward customized electronic solutions.  Our team developed messaging and strategies that elevated their image and opened doors to sales. 

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Positioning one company as a recognized expert in six diverse markets can be a logistical nightmare.  Our vertical market and customer advocate strategies worked on a macro level while focusing on geographic customer hot spots to set QAD apart.

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